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Two days after my appointment I went from agony to relative comfort.

Pain from Pregnancy

Expectant mothers often suffer in pain quietly, and assume that these pains they are suffer a common to all mums to be. The majority of pains expectant mothers live with can be treated and relieved by osteopathy.

Accidents & Injuries

With the busy life style that everyone has now adapted to it is common to suffer from bumps, falls and crashes. Osteopathy encourages the body to heal in the best way possible as well as increasing recovery time.

Sports Injuries

No matter what lever of sport an individual plays at a greater demand is placed on the body. Commonly this results in poorer performances, or even means withdrawing from participating

Age Related Pain

“Aches & Pains” is considered to most people as a part of the ageing process. Avin believes that 90% of physical pain will respond well to Osteopathy and Western Medical Acupuncture.

MSK Osteopathy Clinics Treatments Include

Pain from Pregnancy
Accidents & Injuries
Age Related Pain
Sciatica & Disc Problems
Sports Injuries
Frozen Shoulder
Occupational Strain
Hip & Knee Pain
Back, Spinal & Neck Pain
Tennis & Golfers Elbow

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