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    A few weeks ago I developed pain in the right side of my back and arm with numbness and loss of sensation in my fingers. I went to see... read more

    Kerry McEneaney Avatar Kerry McEneaney
    3rd September 2017

    My sciatica was the worst it had ever been, but after several treatments with acupuncture I am back to normal again. I can't thank Alvin enough, a kind and professional approach... read more

    Eileen Jackson Avatar Eileen Jackson
    2nd September 2017

    I had been suffering from a painful lower back for nearly 2 weeks. Always stiff and aching when i got up in the mornings. Avin prioritized to see me same... read more

    Raj Kaur Matharu Avatar Raj Kaur Matharu
    16th August 2017

    Had a serious car accident around 6 weeks ago, recommended to see an Osteopath and found Avin. Brilliant service fitted me in straight away literally a few days after the accident.... read more

    Daniel Stanton Avatar Daniel Stanton
    15th August 2017

    I was very seriously injured several years ago which resulted in losing my left arm and badly damaging other areas of my body - Leaving scar tissue and other on... read more

    Paul Michael Swain Avatar Paul Michael Swain
    14th August 2017

    Avin sorted out my hip pain in one appointment as I had been struggling to do my job, (I'm a fitness instructor) a few more appointments down the line and... read more

    Lara Shamain Patrick Avatar Lara Shamain Patrick
    14th August 2017

    Over the past month I've had some issues with my calf muscle in one leg. I went to a separate physio who said they couldn't see any issues and told... read more

    Dhruvesh Darji Avatar Dhruvesh Darji
    10th August 2017

    Very nice guy. Sorted my back right out. Would defo recommend to friends n family.

    Mussa Patel Avatar Mussa Patel
    9th August 2017

    Avin is definitely a great osteopath. Despite all medication prescribed by GP for my sciatica, the pain was consistent. However, after the very first session with Avin, the relief... read more

    Jay Rambo Avatar Jay Rambo
    4th August 2017

    Took my 7 week old son to Avin after 2 sessions he was so much more settled! Would definitely recommend :-)

    Jade Finnegan Avatar Jade Finnegan
    29th July 2017

    Hi we have know Avin for a few years, he helped me with my back within minutes of being with him he picks up the problem and deals with it... read more

    Rose Minhas Avatar Rose Minhas
    25th July 2017

    I received treatment for back pain from Avin and after 5 sessions I feel a lot better. His service was first class and I would recommend him 100%.

    Kishan Kotecha Avatar Kishan Kotecha
    20th June 2017

    I cannot recommend Avin enough. He was available to sort out my back and neck at very short notice, and on a Sunday! He identified immediately what was wrong and... read more

    Leanne Clare Avatar Leanne Clare
    16th May 2017

    Came to Avin following a neck injury. Started feeling better after the first treatment. After the third treatment pain had almost completely gone. Highly recommended!

    Kav Singh Hundle Avatar Kav Singh Hundle
    19th April 2017

    Having sustained various injuries throughout my life I have used various practitioners, I recently moved to Rutland and was in a panic a to who to use, I can honestly... read more

    Minta Winn Avatar Minta Winn
    6th April 2017

    Excellent therapist, been to see Avin few years ago for lumber problems which he helped to sort out, but recently contacted him for a thoracic problem which he... read more

    Tracey Clayton Avatar Tracey Clayton
    19th March 2017

    When I first went to Avin at MSK i could barely walk and was in severe pain, six weeks later I am transformed. Back at work and completely free of... read more

    Russell Smith Avatar Russell Smith
    8th March 2017

    As a health professional myself, I'm very careful who I choose to consult for personal treatment. Avin is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and has effectively, manipulated and treated my T-spine on... read more

    Joanna Wood Avatar Joanna Wood
    6th March 2017

    Went to see Avin at MPK Osteopath after my GP suggested I tried Acupuncture for my sciatica. I called MSK and was offered an appointment the same day. Avin knew... read more

    Shital Adatia Avatar Shital Adatia
    20th February 2017

    Always helpfull in urgency oppoitments,very skilled,good treatments,every time pain relieve profesional work thank You Avin

    Martin Bistro Bystran Avatar Martin Bistro Bystran
    6th February 2017

    I contacted Avin and he saw me at short notice, helping me get through Christmas. Professional, courteous and seemingly always willing to go above and beyond for his patients I... read more

    Iain Holburn Avatar Iain Holburn
    10th January 2017

    My shoulder was in such a state I was convinced it would need surgery but thanks to Avin's treatment it is now stronger than ever! Great service.

    Andy Newham Avatar Andy Newham
    23rd December 2016

    I would like to thank Avin for getting me back on track with my back !!! He is very kind, caring, helpful and supportive. He has helped my life get... read more

    Debbie Bourke Avatar Debbie Bourke
    13th December 2016

    I have been in discomfort for many months with my mid back, I seen Avin at Uppingham School sports centre, it took about 3-4 sessions and my back feels great,... read more

    Jo Roberts Freeman Avatar Jo Roberts Freeman
    21st October 2016

    I went for my first session with Avin last week, I was feeling very despondant as have had many treatments for my pain with little results. After one session I... read more

    Joanne Taylor Avatar Joanne Taylor
    6th September 2016

    I contacted Avin Monday morning as my back had gone into a spasm and was in absolute agony could of cried with the pain, he saw me Monday afternoon at... read more

    Sue Mason Avatar Sue Mason
    17th August 2016

    I had suffered from back and neck pains for a long time and only Avin was able to help me. I have tried so many different ways like medication, massage,... read more

    Ioulia Tatawat Avatar Ioulia Tatawat
    22nd June 2016

    Following a fall, Avin has been treating my father for the last 4 weeks. The treatment has been fantastic, and has really helped my father. Definitely recommended.

    Dharmesh Lakhani Avatar Dharmesh Lakhani
    7th June 2016

    After being a crash my physio did nothing to correct my posture or deal with my pain, 3 sessions with avin and I feel ten times better. Also avin did... read more

    Hannah Goode Avatar Hannah Goode
    21st May 2016

    I have recently been seeing Avin during an episode of Sciatica. I was in severe pain which I had never experienced before. I was impressed and grateful that Avin managed... read more

    Beverley Nosworthy Avatar Beverley Nosworthy
    18th May 2016

    I have been in chronic pain for 2.5 years now, I've had numerous tests and different sorts of treatments, and take a horrendous amount of pain killers daily, I had... read more

    Claire Kilbourne Avatar Claire Kilbourne
    17th May 2016

    Had to book an emergency appointment because of severe discomfort in lower back. Went along to the Uppingham School Sports Centre to see Avin, who identified my problem as a trapped... read more

    Andy Hart Avatar Andy Hart
    17th May 2016

    My wife and I visited the Uppingham surgeries my shoulder is back to normal, my wife's back is the best it has been for years...

    David Harrington Avatar David Harrington
    12th May 2016

    I have been suffering from chronic migraines since the age of 16 and he tried all different medications and seen many specialists to all fail went to see Avin on... read more

    Sheida Esfandiari Avatar Sheida Esfandiari
    14th April 2016

    I saw Avin at the Thurmaston Clinic, as I was having problems with my hamstring. 2 days after our appointment I went from Agony to relative comfort in walking, something I... read more

    Liam Kotecha Avatar Liam Kotecha
    29th March 2016

    I have seen Avin for various back and neck related aches and pains and I know that I will walk out feeling miles better afterwards. I can always count... read more

    Jeanette Harrington Avatar Jeanette Harrington
    28th March 2016

    Avin is really very knowledgeable and gave me clear direction on the course of treatment he was going to administer. After the first session I felt I had more movement/flexibility... read more

    James Pole Avatar James Pole
    18th March 2016

    Avin has got me mobile again this week.

    Pam Randon Avatar Pam Randon
    11th March 2016

    I'm a keen runner and been suffering with lower back problems for a little while. After the first visit to Avin, my back felt better and I've been getting back... read more

    Robert Mugglestone Avatar Robert Mugglestone
    16th February 2016

    Thanks for sorting out my back ! Back to heavy lifting on deadlifts !

    Gauran Patel Avatar Gauran Patel
    29th November 2015

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