What is the difference between an Osteopath, a Chiropractor and a Physio?
What is the difference between an Osteopath, a Chiropractor and a Physio?
12th January 2020
Managing Screen Time During Lockdown
Managing Screen Time During Lockdown
28th April 2020
Work from Home Safely

Work from Home Safely

During lockdown our habits and routines are changing, this is affecting our health in both good and bad ways. While some people are making use of this extra time at home by connecting with their families, getting more time for exercise and picking up new skills or productive hobbies. Many of us are stuck working from home, developing unhealthy eating habits and getting minimal physical activity.

Most UK businesses have never faced this kind of situation and have had to quickly adapt to having most of their employees working from home, so considering the health and safety of their employees working from home has not been their priority.

However, since the beginning of lockdown there have been more complaints related to musculoskeletal pains due to poorly set up working environments. So we want to try and make things a little better with some tips and tricks of working from home.

Here are some steps you can take to reduce the musculoskeletal pains:

  • Keep a dedicated office space, preferably with a comfortable chair and a table
  • Make sure your chair supports your lower back
  • Ensure your feet are supported
  • Relax your shoulders while working
  • Your legs and arms should be at 90 ÔÇô 110 degree angles with your wrists straight
  • Your screen should be around an arms length away from your head
  • Schedule a ten minute break every hour
  • Walk and talk on your mobile or use a headset
  • Avoid awkward, static postures by regularly changing positions
  • Use your breaks for exercising and stretching

MSK Osteopath and Acupuncture are still available for emergency appointments. We are using fully protective measures at our clinics to ensure your safety.

We are still open, and taking all relevant precautions from PHE, adhering to governmental guidelines and my professional bodies.

We are also offering free virtual consultations for patients suffering with pain.

Call us today to make an emergency appointment at one of our acupuncture and osteopath clinics near you – Oakham, Uppingham, Wigston, Thurmaston and Aylestone. Call: 07739 828 664

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