Work from Home Safely
Work from Home Safely
28th April 2020
Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain
9th July 2020
Managing Screen Time During Lockdown

Managing Screen Time During Lockdown

The global pandemic and worldwide lockdown has resulted in most of us watching and spending more time in front of screens and for longer periods of time. From working remotely in front of a computer to staying updated on news and watching movies to pass the time, we are dependent on screens now more than ever!

In this situation where staying home is the only option for now, increased screen time is almost unavoidable. This increase has affected both our physical and mental health. Some people are facing muscular pains like neck pain and backache, while some are experiencing mental stress and anxiety as a result of the pandemic and excessive news consumption.

While we cannot completely avoid using the screens because of the current situation, we can manage it to reduce the risks of using DSE (Display screen equipment). 

Here are some guidelines that can help you cope up with the problems related to DSE and working from home:

  • Working from home without any support from managers and an unsuitable work environment can affect your physical and mental health. Create a dedicated space for you to work from and stay connected with your managers and colleagues as much as you can.
  • It is important to stay updated on the news in the current situation but excessive news consumption can badly affect your mental health. Try to manage your news consumption and focus on getting the important updates only.
  • Create a schedule and make time for hourly breaks and exercise. Take short breaks in between to avoid eye fatigue and static sitting positions.

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